The Naked Transparent

Sourcing Program

Naked Cacao is committed to sourcing quality cacao through transparent and sustainable methods. We recognize that certifications such as Fair Trade do not guarantee fair payment or ethical practices; therefore, we have developed the Naked Transparent Sourcing Program to personally ensure responsible sourcing. We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with farmers and ensure increased income for cacao that is grown sustainably and ethically. As such we carefully select origins that uphold these high standards. At Naked Cacao we do not simply buy from farmers, we partner with them.


Farmer income is increased.

Fair Trade certifications can be costly and difficult for farming groups to obtain despite many being tremendous growers of cacao. Our program personally ensures that fair premium standards are upheld, regardless of the certification. Boosting farmer income is vital to the growth and sustainability of the cacao farming community. Beyond fair premiums, Naked Cacao contributes back to farmers annually through our Naked Revenue Sharing Program.


Naked Cacao strives to grow along with our farming partners. When farms are not managed well, cacao productivity often falls. Farmer prosperity and longevity is directly connected to sustainability; thus, we partner with farms that implement sustainable growing methods to increase overall yield and production. The Naked Revenue Sharing Program is designed to reinvest capital into each origin, with a focus on sustainability.


Cacao is grown sustainably.


Cacao is
grown ethically.

Development of the cocoa and chocolate industry is made possible through the hard work of cacao farmers worldwide. Unfortunately, slave labor and poor working conditions continue to plague certain areas of the supply chain. Naked Cacao requires direct visibility into the working conditions displayed by each of our origin partners to ensure exceptional standards are maintained.


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